Smokke Show takes the stage at Naples Fashion Week

July 22 2022 – Izabela Lewandowska

Smokke Show takes the stage at Naples Fashion Week - SMOKKE SHOW
Smokke Show takes the stage at Naples Fashion Week - SMOKKE SHOW

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Fashion was in the air in Southwest Florida with Smokke Show taking over Naples Fashion Week on 5th Avenue Shops. For those who had the opportunity to attend, they got a glimpse of what’s to come on the style scene this season. With some major local talent hitting the stage, guests had the first chance to get their hands on some of the latest fashion collections – fresh off the runway.

  • CEO and Brand Creator: Shawna B for Smokke Show
  • Hair & Makeup: Beauty by Keily, Catalina from Paul Mitchell Naples
  • Photographers: Luminaire Foto, Claudia Sierra Photography, Caleb Chic
  • Models: Juliana Chavarriaga, Jocelyn Binder, Savannah Young

Naples Fashion Week, sponsored by Porsche, is organized twice a year with a focus on showcasing young entrepreneurs, newly minted businesses, and independent startups. They are devoted to creating a community through fashion, food, and music.

This year, the highlight of the event was Official Smokke Show making its debut on the runway with some major stage presence. The young owner and CEO was on hand to watch her vision come to life as her pieces made a splash on stage. The show featured some of their best-selling items, as well as some brand new items. The models were styled by Shawna Brioux, the brand’s creator, and each one was carefully fitted to embody the brand’s identity.

Popular models and Instagram influencers Jocelyn Binder and Juliana Chavarriaga both rocked the runway, showcasing items from Smokke Show’s trendy collections. Guests also had access to QR codes during the show to link them directly to the items seen on stage, giving them the first chance to buy the items hot off the runway.
The company’s CEO has big plans in store for the online boutique. Along with their first-ever fashion show premiere, Smokke Show will be launching a men’s line and a brick-and-mortar store in 2022.

About Official Smokke Show

Smokke Show is a female-owned, online shopping boutique. The store features chic and trendy clothing collections for women, including show-stopping dresses, stylish sets, and beautiful bikinis. Originally launched in 2019, Smokke Show hit the fashion scene with huge success, selling out most of its online stock. This year, the creator and CEO relaunched the brand with an innovative new vision and several new smokin’ hot collections. Smokke Show takes pride in the quality and integrity of their clothing, with each item carefully handpicked by the shop’s owner, and shipped directly from the United States. Their online boutique is currently setting style trends and revamping female fashion with purpose and vision. Visit smokkeshow.com to learn more.


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