Smokke Show Takes Over Maxim Australia

October 01 2021

Smokke Show Takes Over Maxim Australia

Smokke Show Takes Over Maxim Australia

If online boutique Smokke Show hasn’t been on your shopping radar, that’s about to change. 

What started out as a one-woman operation has grown into a powerful team, leading the pack of online shopping stores with recent international collaborations. 

Smokke Show’s swimwear collection has most recently been featured in Maxim Australia. The October issue of the magazine is appropriately named “Women of The World'' - and it's impressive to say the least. The featured model, who works closely with Smokke Show, absolutely slays the swimwear with her incredible figure and sexy demeanor. 

Smokke Show shows no signs of slowing down with upcoming buzz around fashion week and partnerships with some major fashion heavy hitters.  

Keep reading to learn more about Smokke Show and their recent feature in Maxim Australia. 

What Is Smokke Show? 

Smokke Show is an online shopping boutique that highlights some of the latest trends in female fashion. Their store offers clothing and swimwear for women and limited edition sneakers for both men and women. 

The store originally launched in 2019 with huge success, selling out most of their online stock of stylish sets, beautiful bikinis, and show-stopping dresses. The owner and creator relaunched the shop this year with several new collections. 

Smokke Show prides itself in offering not only the latest in fashion trends but ensuring that the quality of each piece is up to their standards. Unlike many other online boutiques, Smokke Show doesn’t drop-ship from other countries. Their products are shipped from the United States - only after the quality, style, and fit have been approved.

The Smokke Show team has expanded with a dedicated marketing team, social account manager, content writers, and models. They share Smokke Show’s vision and each plays an important role in the company’s success.  

Who Is Juliana Chavarriaga? 

The Colombian bombshell who landed the Maxim Australia feature proudly hails from Medellin and currently resides in Naples, Florida. She’s recently become a staple on the Smokke Show team, modeling for many of their collections. You can check her out on the Smokke Show Official website, rocking the most recent sets, dresses, and swimwear from the online shop. 

The model and Instagram influencer has collaborated with many beauty and fitness brands, making her name in the Miami fashion and modeling scene. She is an asset to the growing team at Smokke Show and she is the embodiment of the type of woman who represents the brand. She isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and she proudly rocks her feminine figure with each Smokke Show piece. 

Be sure to follow Juliana Chavarriaga and her journey as a model and influencer. 

Smokke Show’s Recent Feature in Maxim Australia 

The October issue of Maxim magazine hit stores in Australia on September 20th with the beautiful Juliana Chavarriaga making her debut in the magazine. 

The six-page spread features Chavarriaga flaunting pieces from Smokke Show’s 2021 swimwear collection. The shoot took place in Miami Beach, with the gorgeous coastal waters serving as the backdrop for the recently published photos. Well-known photographer Mosaab Alsaray nailed the shots that landed the Maxim feature.

Not only did they land the spread in Maxim Australia, the incredible shots made a double feature in Maxim New Zealand as well. 

Maxim is well-known as the #1 men’s magazine for models, lifestyle, and men’s fashion. If you want to stay up to date with Maxim Australia, make sure you subscribe for access to their online magazine. 

Where to Find Smokke Show Bikinis

Smokke Show offers some of the best bikinis of 2021. Their swimwear selection will tempt you to book a vacation and keep summer going all year round. If you want to get the look directly from Maxim Australia, the Crystal Ruched Brazilian Bikini is available in a variety of beautiful colors on the Smokke Show website. 

For all of your swimwear needs, they are one of the best online shopping boutiques for bikinis. They ensure that the quality and fit are up to par before they are delivered to you. If you want to know where to buy bikinis online, check out at Smokke Show Official online with their full swimwear collection

One of the best features of Smokke Show’s online shopping experience is the chat function. The interactive feature lets you ask questions about different products as you shop and you will receive a prompt response from someone on their team. Ask about sizing or quality and there will be someone available to answer all of your questions. 


Be sure to ask about this trending bikini while browsing the site!

What's Next For Smokke Show?

Smokke Show’s CEO and creator Shawna Brioux has big plans for her brand. She’s opening up a brick and mortar store for Smokke Show, along with a menswear’s line in 2022. She has landed a spot in upcoming Naples fashion week, organizing Smokke Show’s first ever live fashion show. 

Be sure to check out her pop-ups in the Fort Myers and Naples area, where she will have samples from her latest collection as well as some exclusive upcoming releases. She is currently looking to sponsor and collaborate with other brands and influencers that share in her company’s vision and values. 

For more of this season’s flyest fashion, visit Smokke Show Official to shop all of their collections. 

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