What Makes a Great Online Shopping Boutique?

October 05 2021 – Izabela Lewandowska

What Makes a Great Online Shopping Boutique? - SMOKKE SHOW
What Makes a Great Online Shopping Boutique? - SMOKKE SHOW

If you love to shop online, you’ve probably had the dreaded experience of placing a generous order from an online store, only to be disappointed by every single purchase. 

The items are far from true-to-size, the quality of the fabric is lackluster, and there's no resemblance to the online photo. It even makes you wonder where the clothes actually came from. This is the case with many online stores.

The world of online shopping is highly competitive and you better believe not all boutiques are created equal. 

Let's take a look at what makes an online shop stand out! 

Quality of Clothing  

One of the most important aspects of a great online shop is undoubtedly the products themselves. 

Many online shoppers are not aware of the fact that most boutique owners don’t physically carry a stock of their items. When you order an item off of the website, it is actually sent from an international location. This means that the boutique owner has never seen or touched the product. 

They cannot attest to the quality of the items because they essentially act as the “middleman” between the wholesaler and the customer. Shoppers are often sorely disappointed with the state of the items. The pieces arrive in faulty, ripped, or straight-up laughable condition. 

But a quality product attracts a quality customer. 

For quality clothes online, Official Smokke Show offers items with integrity - each of which has passed a quality inspection by their dedicated team. They also ship their products directly from the United States, not overseas. 

You can rest assured that the items you choose will arrive with the promised quality. 

Staying Ahead of the Trends 

Trending outfits are cool and all but they are just that - trendy. They’re hot for a moment and before you can achieve the look, there is another fashion fad on the way. 

What makes an online shop great is not only staying ahead of the trends but actually setting them. 

Some of the best shopping boutiques offer trendsetting styles that push the boundaries of fashion. Following trends is easy - leading with fashion risks takes some guts. 

A great boutique has its own personality and doesn’t need to duplicate the competitor. This gives the online store identity and eventually, a reputation that people trust.

Cultivating the Right Partnerships 

This is an important part of the shop’s branding. Partnerships are a reflection of the boutique and that carries some serious weight. 

Choosing the right collaborations with influencers, celebrities, and entertainers means choosing those that reflect the brand's values and vision. It also helps speak to the target audience. Fans of influencers will trust their endorsement of the brand, so understanding the audience is important in making the right connections. 

The partners chosen will represent the brand and they must do so with class and style (or infamy if that speaks to the brand). 

Reliable Customer Service 

If you’ve ever had trouble with an online purchase, you know how incredibly frustrating it is to get in touch with someone to rectify the situation. 

Many online shops are guilty of this. Once you’ve made your purchase and something is not to your satisfaction, it's impossible to get in touch with the customer service team. This is imperative in making your store a success. 

With easy access to social media, any customer can slander a business for bad customer service, deterring future shoppers. According to a recent survey, a shocking 73% of customers will not shop with a business after reading only three bad reviews. That is a risk you likely cannot afford to take.

Customer service must be reliable, accessible, and prompt. Even if there is an issue with a customer’s order, dependable customer service can save the day - and create a loyal returning customer. 

Interactive Online Shopping 

While we all used to love perusing shops at the mall, that is becoming a thing of the past. With online businesses accelerating at an incredible rate due to covid, you can shop for almost anything online. 

Shopping at the mall has almost become obsolete and window shopping has a whole new meaning when you’re browsing online shops. You can’t try the items on but you’re tempted to pull the trigger. You may have lots of questions. 

Does it fit true to size? Can I return it if I don’t like that quality? When will the item be restocked? 

With an interactive shopping experience, you can ask any question and expect a prompt response. It's like having a helpful sales associate who doesn’t follow you around the store like a shadow. 

Smokke Show Official offers one of the best online shopping experiences with the interactive chat feature. 

Offering Satisfaction Guarantee 

Guaranteed satisfaction can sound like a relative term and an empty promise. However, with the right business, this can mean so much more. Independent online boutiques create value and satisfaction for each of their customers. They stay away from mass-produced clothing and corporate-style business behavior.  

As a female-owned boutique, Smokke Show knows what the ladies like (and what the 80s like). Smokke Show takes pride in every piece offered on their online store and ensures that shoppers feel empowered and confident in the clothes. 

Now that's satisfaction - guaranteed. 

The Bottom Line on a Great Online Shopping Boutique 

Online shopping should be fun, interactive, and reliable. With the right online store, you can trust that your items will arrive with the promised quality. You also know that your purchase is backed by a satisfaction guarantee and a reliable customer service squad. 

For beautiful clothing collections, check out Smokke Show’s online store and get ahead - and stay ahead - of the trends.