How to Transition an Outfit From Day to Night

October 26 2021 – Izabela Lewandowska

How to Transition an Outfit From Day to Night - SMOKKE SHOW
How to Transition an Outfit From Day to Night - SMOKKE SHOW

If you’re a lady on the go, chances are you don’t have time to change your outfit between meetings at work, lunch with your girls, and dinner with your boo. 

In the last 20 years, female-owned businesses have increased almost 75% in the United States. While we love to see the ladies taking their roles as entrepreneurs, it means that women are busier than ever juggling careers, social lives, and families.

One way that you can save time in your busy schedule while staying stylish is to transform your outfit from daytime to nighttime. 

Follow this mini guide to learn how to seamlessly transition your outfit for the perfect day-to-night look. 

Swap Your Jacket 

If you’ve wrapped up a workday and you’re heading out of the office for early evening cocktails, the last thing you want to do is stop at home to change your outfit. One of the easiest ways to level up your outfit is to change your jacket. 

Your prim and proper work dress can easily be paired with a cut-off jean jacket to give you a more relaxed and casual look. Likewise, if your daytime dress is too casual, you can add a stylish plaid coat to give you a sleek and polished evening look.

Slip into a Pair of Heels

Another easy way to get you ready for a night on the town in your daytime outfit is a pair of heels. A casual look is taken up a few notches with a sexy pair of stilettos. 

A casual dress can easily be paired with a pair of sandals for your daytime appointments, but a pair of pumps will have you ready for date night in a flash. For a seamless day-to-night transition, try the Assorted Floral Hobo Long Dress from Official Smokke Show. This trending dress has a gorgeous floral print and two flirty slits for effortless movement. 

Smokke Show also offers dress collections that suit just about any occasion.  

Incorporate Accessories

With a few of the right accessories, you can give a casual look some serious swag. A statement necklace, hoop earrings, or a stylish belt are all great accessories to jazz up an otherwise tame outfit. A chic hat can also level up your outfit and get you girl’s night ready.

 A casual jumpsuit is the perfect daytime outfit to run around and get your errands done, but when it’s time to hit the town, some bold accessories will change your look completely. A bodycon romper is comfortable, stylish, and the perfect body canvas for accessories. Add a belt, a hat, and a pair of pumps and this outfit slays a night on the town. 

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Transforming Your Outfit from Day to Night 

With these three simple style tips, taking your outfit from day to night is effortless. The next time you want to level up your outfit, try putting on a pair of heels, adding a jacket, and throwing on some accessories. These are fun and easy ways for you to stay stylish - leaving you time to run your household and your empire. 

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