How to Stay on Trend This Fall Without Breaking the Bank

October 12 2021 – Izabela Lewandowska

How to Stay on Trend This Fall Without Breaking the Bank - SMOKKE SHOW
How to Stay on Trend This Fall Without Breaking the Bank - SMOKKE SHOW

Fall is in full swing and that means changing over your summer wardrobe. Autumn calls for lots of layers, leather pants, and cute denim jackets. 

If you live in a city that experiences the extremes of all the seasons, you know just how difficult it can be to stay current with fashion trends. Studies say that you should only be spending up to 5% of your income on clothing - but let’s face it, we are often guilty of going over budget as the seasons change. 

Putting together a fall outfit requires a lot more effort (and money) than throwing on a cute sundress and heading out the door. 

If you want to nail your fall fashion looks, we’re here to help you do it on a dime. 

Keep reading for tips and tricks to put together stylish outfits without breaking the bank. 

Transition Pieces 

When we say transition, we mean through several seasons. There are certain clothing items that you can pull off from one season to the next. Whether it's a cooler day in spring or a warmer day in autumn, invest in pieces that you can wear for multiple seasons. 

A long sleeve maxi dress is perfect for a chilly night out on the town, and a comfy pair of leggings can pair with an over-sized jacket. These pieces are versatile and you can style them in so many different ways. You are sure to get much more use out of your transition pieces every season. 

This is a great way to create a stylish outfit without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Denim Jackets 

A denim jacket is an absolute staple in your wardrobe. As far as fall clothing trends go, this one won’t be going out of style anytime soon. With the right quality, it will get you years of wear - in many different seasons. 

Not only is this the type of jacket that never goes out of style, it actually gets better with age. Wearing your jean jacket gives it a distressed look over time. That's the vintage look that gives your jacket character.

Many people even buy jean jackets already modified in distressed condition. 

Denim jackets are also easy to style. You can wear a little black dress with a jean jacket for a super trendy and stylish look. It's also great with just about any bottoms - skirt, pants, or even leggings - throw on an over-sized jean jacket and you’ve just leveled up your outfit. 

This vintage leopard denim jacket is the perfect piece to add to your fall wardrobe. The look is available with amazing quality and affordable pricing. 

Neutral and Earthy Tones 

Neutral tones are great for autumn because they are so easy to style. Not only do they suit the season because of the color-changing leaves, but they are easy to pair with items you already have in your wardrobe. 

Think of sandy beiges, mocha browns, and sage greens. These are beautiful options for neutral fall outfits. A nude dress or tan-colored trench coat will be autumn staples that can mix and match with a lot of items you already own.  


Accessories give your fall outfit a whole new look. You can wear some of the same pieces but they look completely different when styled with certain accessories. A wide brim suede hat or a stylish infinity scarf are both great additions to any outfit. You can even add a belt to a blazer to change up your look instantly. 

You can get a lot of use out of your accessories. If you pick quality pieces, they are sure to last you a long time.  

Leather for Colder Weather 

Leather is no longer for the bikers and outlaws. 

A pair of faux leather pants is mandatory in your wardrobe - that might sound pushy, but trust us! This is one of those pieces that are timeless.

Leather pants are chic and classic and you will be sure to get some serious wear out of these. They are great for the office styled with a blazer, or with a pair of sneakers and a peacoat for a day of errands.

These trendy trousers are a great addition to any fall look. They are available at Smokke Show Official, the perfect fall shopping boutique. 

Fluffy Fur Coats

When we think about fur coats, we think about luxury and opulence. 

Well, you don’t have to be a mob wife to rock a faux fur coat. These are cute and cozy and all the rage this fall. The hottest fur coats of 2021 are cropped with an oversized hoodie. You can get one in just about any color to suit your autumn look. 

This plush and comfy jacket is also a great transition piece from fall to winter. 

Nailing Your Fall Look With Affordable Fashion

Staying on trend can be pricey but finding quality pieces doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. If you want to stay stylish this fall, be sure to invest in timeless pieces, add a denim jacket to your wardrobe, use accessories, wear neutral tones, and get yourself a fluffy faux fur! 

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