5 Essential Styles For Date Night

November 16 2021 – Izabela Lewandowska

5 Essential Styles For Date Night - SMOKKE SHOW
5 Essential Styles For Date Night - SMOKKE SHOW

Date night might seem like a way to break up the monotony and routine in your relationship but it's so much more than that. A night out with your partner has proven to have a profoundly positive effect on your relationship. 

Couples who dedicate one night a week to spending time alone together experience more efficient communication, enjoy more sexual satisfaction, and are twice as likely to stay committed to their relationship. It also decreases the likelihood of divorce by over 10%. 

If you’re ready to reap the wonderful rewards of a romantic night out, we’re here to get you styled to slay date night!  

Here are five essential looks for a romantic night out with your other half. 

The Classic Little Black Dress 

The "LBD" has been the go-to date night garment for years. It's flattering, it’s iconic, and it's timeless. This style of dress was originally designed by Coco Chanel in the 1920's. 

The little black dress is the perfect dress for date night because it is so versatile. Black is like a beautiful canvas on your body and requires little effort to make a good impression. You can add some bold accessories or let the dress speak for itself. Black is also very flattering for all body types. It’s naturally slimming and helps to smooth out imperfections on your body.  

For the perfect little black dress, Smokke Show Official features the Delishh Backless Bodycon Dress. It's super sleek with an exposed back, knee-length, and plunging neckline. It shows just enough skin to leave your partner wanting more. 

Stunting In a Silk Wrap 

A silky-looking fabric serves a romantic and alluring vibe. 

The luster is chic, feminine, and elegant. The material looks amazing in just about every color and it also photographs beautifully. If you’re hoping to get the perfect Instagram shot of you and your boo out on an evening rendezvous, a silky-textured wrap dress is the perfect option. 

The cut of a silky wrap is also adjustable and very versatile. The material easily forms to your body and the wrap style is very forgiving. This dress is also very soft to the touch - surely a feature that will be enjoyed by your partner as you dash around town enjoying a night out. 

A Touch of Heavenly Lace 

What used to be a symbol of wealth and opulence is now used in everyday fashion. When we think about romantic fabrics, lace is very versatile. For a date night dress, lace is delicate, soft, and demur. However, after hours, lace can be very provocative and racy. 

It’s no surprise then that lace makes the list for date night styling. What’s important to remember about lace is that it should act as an accent. A dress made of full lace can be overwhelming to the eye and not suitable for the occasion. Mixing other textures with lace makes it stand out and gives the dress more dimension.

The Carrie Lace Backless Dress from Smokke Show’s Posh Collection is an absolute showstopper. It features an exposed back and sky-high slits that are chic and sensual. 

The Romantic Two-Piece Set 

A two-piece set is a modern-day take on a classic evening look. Matching sets are fun and flirty, with a splash of skin to break up the outfit. The top and bottom are easy to mix and match with other items, but for date night, we recommend rocking the set with a pair of pumps to amp up the sex appeal. 

Matching sets come in a variety of styles parking a top with matching pants, skirts, or shorts. A maxi skirt and crop top in this is the perfect pick for a casual but sexy look. 

Check out Smokke Show sets for the beautiful Cosmic Crop Set and opt for softer pastel colors for a beautiful, romantic touch. 

The Body Contouring Dress

The body contouring dress is a date night staple. This type of dress leaves little to the imagination but in the best possible way. 

It hugs your curves, cinches your waist, and accentuates your feminine physique.  It not only helps to shape your body, but it’s also comfortable to wear. The material of this dress forms to your body giving your support where you need it. There are also a variety of designs. 

If you’re picking a bodycon dress for a dinner date, you can opt for a mini or mid-length dress. The contouring quality makes this dress flattering in every color so step out of your comfort zone and try some nudes or pastels. 

Smokke Show boutique has one of the best online dress collections featuring body contouring dresses in a variety of styles. 

Style Yourself Sultry for Date Night Your Partner 

Dedicating time to spend with your partner is essential in staying connected and committed. Enjoying a night out is a great excuse to shake things up, get dressed up, and hit the town together. If you’ve booked a reservation for your next date night, try a classic little black dress, silky wrap, a lace accented dress, or a two-piece set. 

For more beautiful outfits to suit every occasion, check out Official Smokke Show, your one stop clothing boutique for date night dresses and more!